Former Satanic Priest Explains How The Dark Occult Is Influencing Our Media & National Psyche Concerning Pediogate 

If anyone should be able to recognize the sinister manipulation and activity of the dark occult, it would be former Satanic Priest, Mark Passio.

About 3 minutes into the following interview with Alex Jones’ employees, as shown on The Great Work channel, Passio talks about how the Pizzagate/Pediogate worldwide human trafficking issue was buried by the dark occult forces through “desperate” measures by putting out falsified narratives of Trump collusion with Russia and Russian election hacking.

Watch the full fascinating interview here to learn how spirituality is being weaponized and harnessed to influence our culture:


How The Unholy Alliance Of Freemasonry, The Illuminati, The Rothschilds Are Working Together To Influence All Things To Advance The NWO

There is really nothing new for me or anyone else to offer along these lines. There is plenty of information accessible, but it is simply widely ignored. There could be clarifying information added by someone in the future.

But as far as the reality of the unholy alliance of Freemasonry, the Illuminati, the Rothschilds all working together to influence all things possible on earth to help usher in the phenomenon on the New World Order, it is constantly necessary to present introductory information to people as much as possible because our culture and our world is that asleep, disconnected, unplugged or blissfully ignorant and quite happy to assist in advancing the cause of some of the greatest evil of humanity the planet has ever known.

With the rise of unjustifiable and illegal wars committed by nations like the United States that boasts before the world of its moral “exceptionalism” above the whole world, while a global pedophilia-child sex trade & human sacrifice industry rages on while being protected by governments like the US and UK governments, coupled with massive adult sexual debauchery of all kinds continuously being brought to light by whistleblowers in the entertainment, Christian religious, banking and political industries it is very important to note how people handle this sort of reality.

How do all things “good” become twisted into “bad?” How do all things “bad” become inverted into “good?” What sort of ideology drives all that? 

Many people act as if the important thing is that you just ignore it while focus harder and harder on doing “good” things to help change the world, as if this will make this evil go away or vanish. This mindset actually has roots in Eastern- Hinduistic influence. Its certainly not found in Abrahamic Judaism nor in Christianity.

Too few people take the higher road: expose the works of darkness. Telling the truth, seeking righteousness and doing justice are all “good” things to do when confronted with evil. Be children of the light.

There may have been a time when Abrahamic religions presented followers of their faiths as true children of the light. Well, that day no longer widely exists if they ever did.

Since I’m Christian, I speak most astutely concerning the Christian religion, historically and presently.

I have worked a long time professionally in church and vocational ministry. For more than 10 years, I worked at an influential church in Dallas, Texas. While I had known about Freemasonry influence in churches, this is where I had my first known and direct brush with Freemasons and Freemasonry influence in the Church of Jesus Christ. That church is still twisted into Luciferianism.

Most Christians, like most of the members and staff of that church I worked for are not aware Freemasonry is a Luciferian cult. Denial does not make this phenomenon go away, vanish or impotent.

Years ago, a Jewish Rabbi, Marvin Antelman, wrote a book titled, To Eliminate The Opiate.

Antelman calls his book, “an in-depth study of Communists and conspiratorial group efforts to destroy Jews and Judiasm.” I would wholeheartedly agree with him.

Yet, the phenomenon of which he speaks is not just an effort to destroy Judiasm, it has already targeted Christiainty and all other religions and humans. It is bent on complete and total control. Antelman refers to this as Sabbatain-Frankist mysticism.

And, in order to accomplish total global control, servants of this pyramidic occultic hierarchy seek to infiltrate through secrecy, deception and lies all things in order to enslave all people and destroy the rest. In so doing, it is embedded with imperialism, banking, entertainment, favored sports within the social order, militaries, religions, medical sectors and more. It really is about total control.

Let me say here, just because I reference or post content, does not mean I believe or support all things that author or a content creator presents.

Antelman is very smart and highly informed. I commend his work to you.

There are many other authors of whom I could point to you. I originally learned of this phenomenon from a retired physician, Stanley Monteith in the 1990’s.

But it is an Anthropologist, that I want to direct you to for an excellent introduction on this massive, comprehensive issue.

It is through the work of Robert Sepehr and his Atlantean Gardens that you can begin an excellent awareness of the dark occultic nature of Freemasonry, the Illuminati and the Rothschilds.

Again, this is not an issue that is going away any time soon, particularly with so much denial. The famous Hollywood producer, Stanley Kubrick, tried to enlighten us of it through so many of his films, like “Eyes Wide Shut,” – he was dismissed. Even current top music performers like Awolnation and David Bowie have. 

I even have parents ask me what is the Illuminati because their children come home from school as if it is some silly joke.

It is no joke:

He also has a longer, more detailed version, along with important books to this matter.

After you watch the above video, it is now important to watch the following:

Watch “Most People Don’t Even Realize What’s Coming” on YouTube

“It’s what Agenda 21 has been about all along…”

Watch “US Backed Syrian Rebels Using Chemical Weapons Confirms State Dept.” on YouTube

I have long pointed out, under much scrutiny, that the US has been actively engaged in establishing an Islamic state in Syria. Jimmy Dore, an American progressive, has been too.

Here he points out the Washington Post has reported on this too – “on page 80 million.”

But the nefarious activity by the CIA stretches way beyond treason in violation of the Constitutional law which forbids the US government from establishing religion. The US has also supplied chemical weapons to its jihadist “moderates.”

Watch “Discovery Channel China Time of Xi Episode 1: People’s Republic” on YouTube

A very impressive documentary about China can be watched here.

Things many Americans, who believe their nation is “exceptional” among the world, are brought to light concerning China, such as:

  • 600 million people lifted out of poverty – figure alone is nearly twice the size of the entire US population.
  • 1 person, every 2 seconds is lifted out of poverty.
  • Utilizes adaptive and targeted approaches to lift entire communities out of poverty.
  • Public use, high speed trains have reduced 12 hour travel times to 3 hours.
  • President Xi, has an impressive and authentic background which groomed him to be a “servant-leader” for the people, not a mere corporate mogul or “overlord” – I know many Christian Pastors, not to mention government leaders in America, who do not have this impressive aspect to their own development.

Watch the full episode of the documentary here:

Watch “Why Big Oil Conquered The World” on YouTube

Through a systematic approach to monopolizing an entire industry at the end of the 19th Century, the Rockefeller “oligarch” family, and those collaborating with them, have had an ideology all along that is literally pushing the world into a new world order.

William Engdahl, at the first of this year, wrote an excellent report providing background concerning Henry Kissinger’s optimism concerning the newly elected US President, Donald Trump.

Engdahl wrote of the new world order ambitions and close ties Kissinger has held to along with David Rockefeller, the heir to Standard Oil which would later become Exxon-Mobil. Rockefeller may have passed earlier this year at the age of 103, but not before he had his Exxon-Mobil CEO minion, Rex Tillerson, appointed to Trump’s top foreign diplomat job.

Anyone would be a fool to dismiss this widely available information. Read Engdahl’s article here, and all of his citations, especially the one found here.

I have said, many times to people with whom I discuss geopolitics, that I do not derive “new world order” phenomenon spoken of today from my religion, but I derive it directly from their own words (those are vocally advocating for it), or indirectly from those reporting on their words as indicated in the above references.

Furthermore, many Americans are out there, who actually believe that things happening today, and their taxes, along with their military and police agencies are all tirelessly working together to help all Americans live into deeper “freedoms” and greater “security.”

They are blissfully ignorant about the ruthless oiligarchs, so rich for so long, that nearly everyone of power and influence is bought out by this small ideological group of families.

Most Americans, for example, have no idea that someone like Al Gore, a strong proponent for “global warming” and “climate change,” was made wealthy from carbon trading and was helped installed into politics by Oxy Petroleum and its founder.

The following video, provides a deeper look into all of this and more – it never was only about oil and becoming rich by oil. There is an ideology:

Watch “How Obama will take your guns away” on YouTube

Adam Kokesh, a former US Marine, posted this revealing interview from several years ago he had on the street with an active duty Marine at the time.

Watch how Kokesh exposes how Marines, and other military personnel, dehumanize themselves and delve deeply into cognitive dissonance about the sworn oath they take to defend the Consitution from foreign and domestic threats versus ordering following their superiors.

                                             – Image from Mark Passio

When one examines this, this type of blind submission and order following is precisely what we often encounter within cults. Why would we give the US military, the most powerful military on earth ever a “hall pass” for this dangerous behavior? 

Why would we automatically extend honor to humans like this who have such disdain for the supreme law of the land in the US, the Consitution, which they swore an oath to defend in the first place and which defines/defends our rights as Americans?

The phenomenon is widespread and many women and men join the military and they literally tune out of reality as we see here: