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Russia Mobilizes 90 Nuclear Missile Launchers

“As a show of force,” Russia mobilizes 90 nuclear Topol-M and RS-24 Yars ground-based intercontinental ballistic missile launchers. There are 200 nuclear power plants in Europe. What do you think would happen if Russia decides to strike just 5 or so? US/NATO record level military build-up over there since WW2 would look utterly silly and […]

2 Completely Different Trajectories: Suffering for Jesus or Trying To Draw In & Nurture A Crowd 

What is really happening in Christianity with several decades of church decline in North America, which includes, by the way, “Bible believing” churches? How are those churches remaining so non-influential and powerless in the ability to  spark or revitalize a Christian movement anywhere? There are really only two primary trajectories unleashed, modeled and perpetauted by […]

“They Call Me A Terrorist, I Say It Is An Honor…” So Goes Their Song

In a mind boggling twist of the Donald Trump Presidency, less than 6 months “in,” the compromises on his campaign “promises” are not only stark, they are deadly.  President Trump, among other things, campaigned with great skepticism about Islam and, specifically, the Sunni Islamic State of Saudi Arabia and their alleged involvement of the attacks […]

What Matters Is What The Russians Perceive

While it’s not being reported widely in America, believe it or not, the following article came from the Assoociated Press (AP). It actually points out what matters most, without directly stating so: the Russian understanding of the situation in Europe and NATO aggression including the largest military build up there since WW2. As the […]

Spurgeon Confronted War Thirsty British and European Empires in 1859 With These Words 

The following is an excerpt from the sermon delivered, May 1, 1859, by British Reformed Baptist preacher, Charles H. Spurgeon, on the heels of a new round of war in the Italian War of Independence. The European royal families and their armies of France, Sardinia, and the provinces of Italy would wage war upon Austria, […]

Let’s Go Ahead And Pour Gasoline On The Fire

Sayed Hassan Nasrallah, the famed leader of the Shia Muslim militant and political group in Lebanon, Hezbollah, has concluded (see parts 1 & 2) the Riyadh Declaration released last week on the heels of the Arab Islamic-American Summit held in Saudi Arabia, which President Donald Trump attended, is not only a “farce,” but will result in more blood shed in […]