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The globally dominate religion of the world and governments such as the US with zero scrutiny or criticism:


Korean Peninsula: Stealth jets, other aircraft fly in US, South Korean drills – NBC, The Economic Times

Nothing like waking up to heightened threats of nuclear annihilation to begin your week on a Monday morning.

NBC is reporting North Korean top leaders as conveying the latest moves of the US, involving a dozen stealth jet fighters, part of an overall 200 aircraft “realistic training” operation, is a “grave provocation,” which could lead “to the brink of nuclear war.”

It is not too difficult to discern who is actually more rogue, irresponsible and utterly flippant about the lives of millions of Americans and Koreans, all up and down the Korean peninsula. These actions are not being driven by South Korea, but the US.

Since the Korean War of the 1950’s, a war that technically has not ended, North Korea has not advanced at all or waged war in foreign nations in order to overthrow governments while destroying entire civilizations along the way.

Yet, the US has actually done this dozens of times since the Korean War all over the earth. The US is literally more murderous than the North Korean nation.

North Korea would be the first nuclear armed “small” nation the US has confronted. North Korea also now reports having ICBM nuclear missiles which can travel into space and back to the earth’s surface to the intended intercontinental target. The North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, would be the youngest known nuclear armed leader in the world at age 33.

Watch “The JonBenét Ramsey Mystery (Why It’s Still Relevant Today)” on YouTube

Really Graceful YouTube channel does a fabulous job providing us context concerning assault of children, along with ritual sexual assault, the dark activity truly behind Pizzagate and a global sex and body part trafficking ring.

The current trend of exposing the uncontrollable sexual appetites of, primarily, senior citizens, or adults closely approaching that age, serves,  among other things, as a smoke screen in order to hide the darker and more nefarious phenomenon.

It is my personal belief, we are living in a Saturn worship culture, where the ruling elite, have not only tapped into the ancient narratives of Saturnalia, they have bound themselves to the demonic entities linked to ancient Saturn worship, which requires continues child sacrifice.

Think about this in light of all the scrutiny, even if much of it is deserved, among Christianity and Islam.

Just as ancient Rome tapped into Saturnalia to invoke Saturn’s “promise” of peace, harmony, longevity and prosperity, along with the promises of military might, humans are strategically doing it again. These are great incentives for the ruling elite and military industrial complex driving all US hostilities and wars currently.

Yet, nearly zero scrutiny is directed towards this massive and comprehensive religious occult practice.

This is why the elite are linked to the state and both the elite and the state are linked to all things of cultural significance right now in America (and why we keep seeing Saturn worship symbols, icons and images pop up all over the place such as churches, mosques, Freemasonry, the NFL, NASA, corporate logos, Hollywood productions, the music performance industry, the US government and military, and on and on) – all to advance the New World Order.

For those who do not know more about Saturn worship, Saturn was once known as a sun to the ancients. “Sol” was the reference to Saturn, not our sun today as is often erroneously assumed.

It is the desire of the elite (and certainly the practitioners) to keep all of this hidden from you.

I could go on and on, but the more pressing matter is related to the video below by Really Graceful:

Is Weather Warfare a Conspiracy Theory? | Global Research

Weaponized weather has been around a long time within the US – this article even incorporates a news article shedding light on NWO advocate, Henry Kissinger, connection to it under Nixon: | Kalos Klarity, Viewed By People From More Than 60 Different Nations

More than 60 different nations have tapped into Kalos Klarity, providing viewers reports, analysis, facts, truth and perspectives concerning life and death, and many things in between, that are often omitted in Western mainstream corporate media, religions, universities and educational institutions, public or private.

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More Saturn Worship Symbols…

Al Gore’s stock exchange of choice during the first decade of the 21st Century, the Chicago Climate Exchange, traded greenhouse gases and carbon allowances.

In two different ways Saturn worship mythology is featured. The planet, Saturn, depiction, featuring 2 rings is in the very center of the logo.

Along with this, the planet is set within 3 different planets associated with ancient Saturn mythology: Mars, Venus, Saturn.

The Chicago Climate Exchange was bought in 2010, for $606.7 million, by the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), who owns the New York Stock Exchange, since 2013.

ICE, in their logo, let’s you know they are aligned with this comprehensive religious system they are all about Saturn worship – a black cube.

The next picture is of the Global Environment Facility. The human creativity behind this logo, somehow landed on Saturn too.

The geo-political world is mainstreaming to and aligning with Saturn worship and mythology. It is about total control and human sacrifice to establish this new world order.

Humanity Continues To Align With Saturn…

I just returned from a few days down at South Padre Island, Texas. I have been down there quite a bit throughout my life but this may have been the first time in 15 years or so.

If you drive or fly down there from the more northern parts of the state of Texas, you will likely pass through a city called, Harlingen, Texas.

I thought it was quite interesting, that in all the (brief) history of this area and in light of all the growing corporatism in the region, that the “good” folks of Harlingen decided that the sum total of their aspirations, commerce, creativity and way of life could be presented to all with an image mirroring the Saturn mythology of antiquity – 21st Century style.

Harlingen is letting the New World Order that they are aligned and “submitted.” This NWO is a religious and economic system.

The red outer circle is Saturn, and Mars is the inner blue circle and the white star is Venus – the 3 major figures of the Saturn mythology found all over the world in antiquity (according to comparative mythology researcher, David Talbott).

Inside the white star, the symbolism is repeated, but the ring of Saturn encompasses the “H” and star in the middle of the “H.”

This is a religious movement, implemented ion significant part by the occultic order of Freemasonry, with vast economic and political repercussions, yet, with nearly zero objection or scrutiny from the general public.