Former Satanic Priest Explains How The Dark Occult Is Influencing Our Media & National Psyche Concerning Pediogate 

If anyone should be able to recognize the sinister manipulation and activity of the dark occult, it would be former Satanic Priest, Mark Passio.

About 3 minutes into the following interview with Alex Jones’ employees, as shown on The Great Work channel, Passio talks about how the Pizzagate/Pediogate worldwide human trafficking issue was buried by the dark occult forces through “desperate” measures by putting out falsified narratives of Trump collusion with Russia and Russian election hacking.

Watch the full fascinating interview here to learn how spirituality is being weaponized and harnessed to influence our culture:


Watch “”All Of Us,Tricked Into Saturn/Satan Worship”” on YouTube

The globally dominate religion of the world and governments such as the US with zero scrutiny or criticism:

I Walked Pointless in Vietnam | Mike Hastie

By Mike Hastie on Counter Punch:

“…By November 1967, 20,000 Americans have been killed in Vietnam. Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara is replaced by Clark Clifford. McNamara privately admits to President Johnson that he believes the war in Vietnam is unwinnable, and that is brought out in Episode 5.

Now, let’s go back to the Vietnam veteran who was in that ambush in 1969. He is the one who watched Episode 5. Let’s get this straight: President Johnson decides not to run for reelection in 1968, and President Nixon is elected. By the time Nixon leaves office in utter disgrace on August 9, 1974, over 58,000 Americans are killed in Vietnam.

That’s 38,000 more dead after Robert McNamara tells President Johnson that the war in Vietnam is unwinnable. When the war is over, 300,000 Americans are wounded, and more Vietnam veterans will commit suicide than were killed in Vietnam. 

Can you imagine what is going through the head of that veteran who was ambushed in 1969 by the Viet Cong, and… by his own government? He went to Vietnam in a cattle car, riddled with bull shit. The Viet Cong tried to kill him, but they did not betray him like his immoral government. As Malcolm X once said: “To me, the thing that is worse than death is betrayal. You see, I could conceive death, but I could not conceive betrayal.”

Can you imagine what is going through the heads of every soldier who served in Vietnam after November 1967, when the war was over, and we stayed in that war under President Nixon to Save Face! Can you imagine what is going on with tens of thousands of Vietnam veterans who will be watching Episode 5?

The war had its own momentum. How do you stop a war that is making millions and millions of dollars for corporations across the United States? For me, W A R stands for, Wealthy Are Richer. When politicians and the rich start sending their kids to war, I’ll start believing in noble causes.”

Read the full article at:

Pope Calls For A Better Translation In the Famous ‘Our Father’ Prayer

The Pope is calling for a “better translation” for the Lord’s prayer  according to Reuters.

The phrase that creates concern for him is “and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil,” found in Matthew 6:13. The “Lord’s Prayer,” as it is often referred to as is a model prayer of sorts of how Jesus instructed his disciples to pray in a manner distinct from the hypocritical religious leaders and zealots of his day.

The prayer itself depicts reverence, connectedness, brevity, humility, personal responsibility, dependency, love for others, hope, faith and acknowledges God’s sovereignty.

While Reuters reports that the verse is reflective of the Latin Vulgate, translated from the Greek, it is the Greek which is laid out pretty much as we see in nearly all English translations also taken from the Greek: “and lead us not into temptation.”

The Latin and English translations are written as such because that is the way the Greek states it – see the Bible Hub diagram below:

Pope Francis says the current biblical statement should be “and do not let us fall into temptation.”

Currently, and historically, the Greek word for “lead” in the verse in view is eisenenkēs (Grk. –εἰσενέγκῃς), which means, “to lead,” “bring,” possibly even “to carry into,” based the origin of the Greek word “εἰσφέρω” (Eng. transliteration –eispheró).

The Rebel Jesus – Christmas Implications | Jackson Browne

“Pardon me if I have seemed to take the tone of judgement for I have no wish to come between this day and your enjoyment.”

This is how Jackson Browne winds down his moving song, as “a heathen and a pagan on the side of the rebel, Jesus,” to quote his own words.

Stunning how he wrote this song decades ago, yet, the broken and greedy capitalist trajectory of America, and the plight of the poor, have only magnified, to horrific scales two decades into the 21st Century.

What sort of human ideology is it that perpetuates and multiplies our depravity toward fellow humanity?

Well, as Browne indicates, it requires “judgement” to assesses whether or not something is dysfunctional and possibility evil. It requires “judgement” if one is going to appraise something as “good.”

If one taps into a beautiful standard of “good,” and is able to appraise all things within that standard, then light bursts forth and the darkness of a matter, or all things is exposed, even the churches of Jesus.

Astutely, Browne sees through the facade of Christianity and humanity in general:

“But if any one of us should interfere in the business of why there are poor, the get the same as the rebel Jesus.”

“Give a little to the poor,” but to end the condition of “poor” one has to ask why there are poor and this will lead one to the behaviors and beliefs of other humans. It is not mysterious or rocket science.

Consider Browne’s nuggets of truth and wisdom this Christmas.

Hear the full song and read the full lyrics on the below YouTube channel:

Watch “What’s with Wheat? | Cyndi O’Meara | TEDxWilmington” on YouTube

When you are talking about spraying crops humans consume with arsenic, lead, DDT, and of course, Roundup (Glyphosate), you are speaking of corporations (and the humans behind those corporations) such as Monsanto.

Monsanto, is a globalist, new world order aligned chemical petroleum linked corporation begun by members of the Knights of Malta.

Mansanto is one of the first corporations to manufacture saccharine, a petroleum derivative sweetener. Mansanto owned NutraSweet, the toxic sweetener with aspartame, then sold it to Yale graduate investor, J. W. Childs. Monsanto is also the producer of the chemical weaponry the US government unleashed upon Vietnamese, Agent Orange, during the Vietnam War. Chemical warfare is the constant allegation the US now regularly invokes when they want to remove foreign leaders such as Saddam Hussein or Bashar al Assad of Syria from power – even without verified evidence.

Americans are, unknowingly, enduring their own chemical warfare unleashed upon them. Hear Cindi O’ Meara talk about what she and her own farming family experienced:

Follow Sylvie Ivanova Of New Earth

The seams of our current order and perception of reality, continually projected upon us, are unraveling as never before due to the decentralization of the flow of information.

To be sure, this moment will not last due to the nefarious ambitions of the “governing” elite to maintain their power and rule.

Sylvie Ivanova has done extensive traveling around the world with a hungry eye and mind to learn truth and knowledge. This has enabled her to advance far beyond a mere “consumer” of information which most of us as either travelers, researchers, or even professional “expert” scholars do who lap up and regurgitate only what is “fed” to us from those who are in power and have the means to block or censor truth.

Ivanova asks thought provoking, penetrating questions concerning the widely presented and held histories around the world. Therefore, she is able to shed light on the problematic “holes” and even deceptions of the prevailing narratives concerning our true histories.

I have posted a few of eye-opening YouTube videos by her New Earth channel to give you an introduction to her if you have not already come across her.

We need more people like Ivanova raising these sort of questions and theories: