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The globally dominate religion of the world and governments such as the US with zero scrutiny or criticism:


The Rebel Jesus – Christmas Implications | Jackson Browne

“Pardon me if I have seemed to take the tone of judgement for I have no wish to come between this day and your enjoyment.”

This is how Jackson Browne winds down his moving song, as “a heathen and a pagan on the side of the rebel, Jesus,” to quote his own words.

Stunning how he wrote this song decades ago, yet, the broken and greedy capitalist trajectory of America, and the plight of the poor, have only magnified, to horrific scales two decades into the 21st Century.

What sort of human ideology is it that perpetuates and multiplies our depravity toward fellow humanity?

Well, as Browne indicates, it requires “judgement” to assesses whether or not something is dysfunctional and possibility evil. It requires “judgement” if one is going to appraise something as “good.”

If one taps into a beautiful standard of “good,” and is able to appraise all things within that standard, then light bursts forth and the darkness of a matter, or all things is exposed, even the churches of Jesus.

Astutely, Browne sees through the facade of Christianity and humanity in general:

“But if any one of us should interfere in the business of why there are poor, the get the same as the rebel Jesus.”

“Give a little to the poor,” but to end the condition of “poor” one has to ask why there are poor and this will lead one to the behaviors and beliefs of other humans. It is not mysterious or rocket science.

Consider Browne’s nuggets of truth and wisdom this Christmas.

Hear the full song and read the full lyrics on the below YouTube channel:

Watch “The JonBenét Ramsey Mystery (Why It’s Still Relevant Today)” on YouTube

Really Graceful YouTube channel does a fabulous job providing us context concerning assault of children, along with ritual sexual assault, the dark activity truly behind Pizzagate and a global sex and body part trafficking ring.

The current trend of exposing the uncontrollable sexual appetites of, primarily, senior citizens, or adults closely approaching that age, serves,  among other things, as a smoke screen in order to hide the darker and more nefarious phenomenon.

It is my personal belief, we are living in a Saturn worship culture, where the ruling elite, have not only tapped into the ancient narratives of Saturnalia, they have bound themselves to the demonic entities linked to ancient Saturn worship, which requires continues child sacrifice.

Think about this in light of all the scrutiny, even if much of it is deserved, among Christianity and Islam.

Just as ancient Rome tapped into Saturnalia to invoke Saturn’s “promise” of peace, harmony, longevity and prosperity, along with the promises of military might, humans are strategically doing it again. These are great incentives for the ruling elite and military industrial complex driving all US hostilities and wars currently.

Yet, nearly zero scrutiny is directed towards this massive and comprehensive religious occult practice.

This is why the elite are linked to the state and both the elite and the state are linked to all things of cultural significance right now in America (and why we keep seeing Saturn worship symbols, icons and images pop up all over the place such as churches, mosques, Freemasonry, the NFL, NASA, corporate logos, Hollywood productions, the music performance industry, the US government and military, and on and on) – all to advance the New World Order.

For those who do not know more about Saturn worship, Saturn was once known as a sun to the ancients. “Sol” was the reference to Saturn, not our sun today as is often erroneously assumed.

It is the desire of the elite (and certainly the practitioners) to keep all of this hidden from you.

I could go on and on, but the more pressing matter is related to the video below by Really Graceful:

Watch “Most People Don’t Even Realize What’s Coming” on YouTube

“It’s what Agenda 21 has been about all along…”

Las Vegas Shennanigans 

The urgency to continue to disseminate information and knowledge through alternative means and social media is only magnifying in our times.

The power structure of the ruling “eilte” is thoroughly integrated in the whole of society.

From the top to the bottom, in politics, commerce, in education, healthcare, in law enforcement, in the military, in entertainment such as the Hollywood film and tv programming industry, the NFL or MLB, or in religion such as Christiainty, Judiasm, Islam Scientology, Jehovah Witness and so on all have been infiltrated or, perhaps even originated, all working hand in hand together, with the purpose to advance and support the trajectory and aspirations of those ruling all the classes below.

If you are not one of “them,” who are in fact enslaved to their own delusions, you are a pawn, or even “cannon fodder” (their words, not mine) to their own ambitions being imposed upon much of the world right now. It does not matter how fiscally “secure” or social-economically accomplished you believe yourself to be, to “them” you belong somewhere under them and are therefore, are “entitled” to be a recipient of their world vision, whether that is “alive” or dead – if “alive,” conscientiously “asleep” is preferred.

“They” are, in fact, thinking this comprehensively for you though most of us would not even give it a second thought to do likewise towards any other.

The Las Vegas “massacre” is only another glaring example of ruthlessness and carelessness this group and their “minions” will go to in order to incrementally advance their over all goals.

Michael Welch, Debbie Lusignan, and Shawn Helton have compiled an excellent overview of analysis concerning Las Vegas through podcasts  and a YouTube interview, along with “notes” at the end of this article to accompany their theories and conclusions:

Watch “5 People You Won’t Believe Worked For the CIA” on YouTube

Speaking of the CIA and running drug trafficking in foreign nations, get a load of this!

And who knew of some these people – as spies for Christ’s sake, and the domains of culture utilized?!

Patriotism Is A Two-Edged Sword –

Patriotism Is A Two-Edged Sword

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts:

I sometimes wonder if America’s greatest threat is the population’s hyper-patriotism. The bulk of the population is now at work shutting down the NFL players’ First Amendment rights, and none of the incensed censors are capable of understanding that it is they, and not the NFL players, who are attacking the U.S. Constitution. We have been through all this flag business before, and federal courts have ruled for the protesters who burnt flags, wore them on their clothes, whatever. Yet, here we go again.

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