Watch “Discovery Channel China Time of Xi Episode 1: People’s Republic” on YouTube

A very impressive documentary about China can be watched here. Things many Americans, who believe their nation is “exceptional” among the world, are brought to light concerning China, such as: 600 million people lifted out of poverty – figure alone is nearly twice the size of the entire US population. 1 person, every 2 seconds […]

Watch “Why Big Oil Conquered The World” on YouTube

Through a systematic approach to monopolizing an entire industry at the end of the 19th Century, the Rockefeller “oligarch” family, and those collaborating with them, have had an ideology all along that is literally pushing the world into a new world order. William Engdahl, at the first of this year, wrote an excellent report providing […]

What the Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You About Syria’s Christians

Pictured above: US Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, with Syrian Christian leadership I have learned over the years that widely read mainstream media, including Christianity Today, is so intertwined with the US government that the true story of the reality confronting people, including non-Sunni Muslims, homosexuals, various ethnic groups and Christians hardly gets through to American/Western Christians. […]

Why is the US at war in West Africa?

I just “love” how my American “freedoms” keep hopscotching all over the world. Stay tuned for an upcoming presentation, that I’ll post here later this week, which demonstrates how US Police officers and US military personnel, by definition, in our day, are “abdicators” or worse – and exhibit the precise ideology found in cult followers. […]

Watch “How Obama will take your guns away” on YouTube

Adam Kokesh, a former US Marine, posted this revealing interview from several years ago he had on the street with an active duty Marine at the time. Watch how Kokesh exposes how Marines, and other military personnel, dehumanize themselves and delve deeply into cognitive dissonance about the sworn oath they take to defend the Consitution […] | Kalos Klarity, Viewed By People From More Than 60 Different Nations

More than 60 different nations have tapped into Kalos Klarity, providing viewers reports, analysis, facts, truth and perspectives concerning life and death, and many things in between, that are often omitted in Western mainstream corporate media, religions, universities and educational institutions, public or private. I own zero of what I present and simply compile then […]

Che Guervara, The Revolutionary Of The Farmers 

Che Guervara represented “agrarian guerilla” warfare of “the great rural masses” awakened to ruling political corruption within the cities that ruled the day in Central America. These politicians were selling out to American governments, the mafia (who would bring in their culture of violence, addiction, sexual revolution, gambling and so on), and oil robber barons. […]

Military Surgeon Says Videos of Las Vegas Gunshot Victims Are Fake |

Wow! Dr. Paul Craig Roberts provides sharp analysis here of the Las Vegas shooting. He presents a comment from a retired General Surgeon with military hospital experience in foreign contexts. This sort of perspective is omitted from much of the mainstream corporate media. I have posted a portion of that comment here: “As a patriotic […]