Pope Calls For A Better Translation In the Famous ‘Our Father’ Prayer

The Pope is calling for a “better translation” for the Lord’s prayer  according to Reuters. The phrase that creates concern for him is “and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil,” found in Matthew 6:13. The “Lord’s Prayer,” as it is often referred to as is a model prayer of sorts of how […]

Watch “What’s with Wheat? | Cyndi O’Meara | TEDxWilmington” on YouTube

When you are talking about spraying crops humans consume with arsenic, lead, DDT, and of course, Roundup (Glyphosate), you are speaking of corporations (and the humans behind those corporations) such as Monsanto. Monsanto, is a globalist, new world order aligned chemical petroleum linked corporation begun by members of the Knights of Malta. Mansanto is one […]

Korean Peninsula: Stealth jets, other aircraft fly in US, South Korean drills – NBC, The Economic Times

Nothing like waking up to heightened threats of nuclear annihilation to begin your week on a Monday morning. NBC is reporting North Korean top leaders as conveying the latest moves of the US, involving a dozen stealth jet fighters, part of an overall 200 aircraft “realistic training” operation, is a “grave provocation,” which could lead […]

Watch “The JonBenét Ramsey Mystery (Why It’s Still Relevant Today)” on YouTube

Really Graceful YouTube channel does a fabulous job providing us context concerning assault of children, along with ritual sexual assault, the dark activity truly behind Pizzagate and a global sex and body part trafficking ring. The current trend of exposing the uncontrollable sexual appetites of, primarily, senior citizens, or adults closely approaching that age, serves,  […]

Watch “THIS is Who was REMOVED from JFK File Release 2017 – Truth is Stranger than Fiction” on YouTube

George H. W. Bush is a verified and documented link, according to the US government itself, to the JFK assassination. The Bright Insight YouTube channel provides excellent and concise analysis of the reason for the US government being reluctant to release all the documents pertaining to the murder of the 35th President. Many Americans do […]