Alchemy, Aliens, Angels, Archaeology, Art, Beauty, Corporate Abuse, Corporations, Corruption, Culture, Cults, Demons, Death, Discernment, Earth, Economics, Education, Educational Systems, Entertainment, Eschatology, Eternity, Ethnicity, Faith, Family, Future, God, Geo-politics, Governance, Government Abuse, Health, Heritage, Human Behavior, Humanity, Human Rights, Hope, Ideology, Immigration, Justice, Law, Life, Marriage, Migration, Minorities, Movies, Music, NWO, Peace, Philosophy, Power & Abuse of Power, Prayer, Race, Racism, Religion, Religious Abuse, Reconciliation, Satan, Satanic Worship, Science, Scripture, Space, Spirituality, Technology, War & Rumor of Wars

Support independent bloggers/journalists like Kraig Kelly. He is an ordained minister, holding a social science degree in Criminal Justice from Texas A&M University – Commerce. He also holds a Master degree in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary.

In his blog, he incorporates bold presentations of content with a hint of ‘gonzo’ style commentary and solid research.

Kraig’sĀ educational and professional background provide him a strong foundation in analyzing and commenting with clarity on human behavioral trends, statistics, religion, historical and modern religious texts, cultural assessments, organizational systems, philosophies and ideologies – what people believe and ‘why’ or ‘how’ action flows from those beliefs.

For nearly 20 years he has worked professionally in urban, suburban, poor and wealthy ministry contexts relating to very poor, moderately poor, middle class, ‘privileged’ or extremely wealthy people. His work includes international contexts and people as well. He has observed and participated in countless of activities where humans are doing good, doing evil or attempting to do good or evil while failing at either – he has seen a lot of humanity where humanity matters most! For more than 25 years he has been studying and teaching eschatology (the study of future things).

Financially contribute to Kraig @ paypal.me/seeingkalos


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