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When you are talking about spraying crops humans consume with arsenic, lead, DDT, and of course, Roundup (Glyphosate), you are speaking of corporations (and the humans behind those corporations) such as Monsanto.

Monsanto, is a globalist, new world order aligned chemical petroleum linked corporation begun by members of the Knights of Malta.

Mansanto is one of the first corporations to manufacture saccharine, a petroleum derivative sweetener. Mansanto owned NutraSweet, the toxic sweetener with aspartame, then sold it to Yale graduate investor, J. W. Childs. Monsanto is also the producer of the chemical weaponry the US government unleashed upon Vietnamese, Agent Orange, during the Vietnam War. Chemical warfare is the constant allegation the US now regularly invokes when they want to remove foreign leaders such as Saddam Hussein or Bashar al Assad of Syria from power – even without verified evidence.

Americans are, unknowingly, enduring their own chemical warfare unleashed upon them. Hear Cindi O’ Meara talk about what she and her own farming family experienced: