Follow Sylvie Ivanova Of New Earth

The seams of our current order and perception of reality, continually projected upon us, are unraveling as never before due to the decentralization of the flow of information.

To be sure, this moment will not last due to the nefarious ambitions of the “governing” elite to maintain their power and rule.

Sylvie Ivanova has done extensive traveling around the world with a hungry eye and mind to learn truth and knowledge. This has enabled her to advance far beyond a mere “consumer” of information which most of us as either travelers, researchers, or even professional “expert” scholars do who lap up and regurgitate only what is “fed” to us from those who are in power and have the means to block or censor truth.

Ivanova asks thought provoking, penetrating questions concerning the widely presented and held histories around the world. Therefore, she is able to shed light on the problematic “holes” and even deceptions of the prevailing narratives concerning our true histories.

I have posted a few of eye-opening YouTube videos by her New Earth channel to give you an introduction to her if you have not already come across her.

We need more people like Ivanova raising these sort of questions and theories: