Watch “THIS is Who was REMOVED from JFK File Release 2017 – Truth is Stranger than Fiction” on YouTube

George H. W. Bush is a verified and documented link, according to the US government itself, to the JFK assassination. The Bright Insight YouTube channel provides excellent and concise analysis of the reason for the US government being reluctant to release all the documents pertaining to the murder of the 35th President.

Many Americans do not believe that the depth of depravity to murder its own top leader exists, particularly from within its own government. Of course, many are not aware, as reported in this video, that George Bush’s father, Prescott Bush, made untold wealth from supporting the Nazis through much of World War II and then was, shortly after that, awarded a seat in the US Senate. The US government did eventually shut the Bush company down in Germany, but that’s all that really happened to him.

Furthermore, this video also talks about possible motivations for our own government wanting to kill Kennedy, which includes his position on Cuba and Vietnam, where the US utilized the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident to fuel the Vietnam War as an invented “false flag,” or “hoax,” in order to invade the nation – as verified by the NSA!

No one in the US has ever faced justice to date for these crimes against humanity. The US continues to implement these same efforts to invade nations such as Afgahnistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, and possibly Iran in the near future. Why not? No one is stopping them.


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