Vaccines: The Genocidal Phenomenon 

The evidence is out there, “in plain sight,” according to Medical Doctor, Sherri Tenpenney. The dangers, risks and scientific criticisms about vaccines are in the medical journals according to this career long expert and practitioner.

Dr. Tenpenney, from 1986 to 1998, was an Emergency Medical physician, and Director of the Emergency Department in Findlay, Ohio. She has received great criticism over the years for her positions which she now holds after which she was once a skeptic of the anti-vaccination camp.

In the below recoding of an interview she did a couple of years ago (from Red Ice TV), she covers a range of issues including the faulty science and premises employed by the medical industry and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) pertaining to vaccinations.

Most, Americans tend to look at the vaccination industry as a phenomenon built upon high moral ethics and pure science, stripped clean, or “sterilized,” of metaphysical or religious type of ideology. They will be shocked to hear from the words of one of the fathers of vaccinations from the 20th Century.

So, I’ve included an additional video (the first video, which lays out the little known ideology)  from Jay Dyer who will briefly, coherently and intelligently take you through some direct excerpts of Dr. Jonas Salk’s book, who is accredited with inventing one of the first polio vaccines, The Survival Of The Wisest (published 1972). In this particularly video you will discover how sociopathic and sinister Dr. Salk was.

The ideology is being expressed today in various forms through vaccination from one degree to another. I have actually been a part of churches that wholeheartedly endorse vaccinations and help provide these lethal concoctions within their own walls or export them all over the world.

Yet, still, if this is not enough for you to awaken you, I will leave an additional link of ongoing reporting with top-notch research found on Steemit.


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