People for sale: Where lives are auctioned for $400|CNN

The Islamic jihadist dominated Libya created by leaders and soldiers from the US and UK, during the reign of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton after they removed Muammar Gaddafi from power is now a haven for slave trading.

While a significant push exists to remove iconic images of leading Americans recognized as supporting Black slave trading (widely originating from Africa) as far back as 150 years ago, the current American generation is among the most responsible for creating it in Libya – there is even evidence of American political and military leaders working hand in hand with Islamic jihad groups to overturn sovereign nations such as Libya in order to make them Sunni jihadist nations. Islam ideology includes endorsing slavery.

The outcome of all this for the new Libya, post Gaddafi, is covered here by CNN:

 “The situation is dire,” Mohammed Abdiker, the director of operation and emergencies for the International Organization for Migration, said in a statement after returning from Tripoli in April. “Some reports are truly horrifying and the latest reports of ‘slave markets’ for migrants can be added to a long list of outrages.”

Read the full CNN article here:


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