Have You Ever Heard Of The Anti-Mason Party Of America?

Earlier, I posted an excellent background video presentation on the spiritual ideology of Freemasonry which is actively working in conjunction with the Rothschild banker cartels, the Illuminati, Hollywood, the sports industry, like the NFL, and more to advance the world towards a communistic, totalitarian new world order.

Did you know that in the US there was once an Anti-Mason Party? So named because it was literally anti-Freemasonry and as a single issue party, originally! 

Even former President, John Quincy Adams (the 6th President) was a founding leader of the party. It was the third party of the political field at the time. It formed in 1828 and lasted until 1840.

Other leading politicians who helped establish the party included, Solomon Southwick, Thurlow Weed, William Wirt. It began in New York and, William Seward, was elected as a New York State Senate in 1830 and eventually became the state Governor before running and winning the US Senate seat in 1849.

Seward would eventually become the guy accredited with writting President Lincoln’s, October 3, 1863 Thanksgiving proclamation, during the middle of the American civil war when so many Americans were killing fellow Americans, as Lincoln’s Secretary of State, which included the following:

But back to the main point of this post, the Anti-Mason Party was literally formed out of protest due to the secret, deceptive and subversive nature of its occultic order and so people were coming together to expose its works of darkness and already, back then, people were protesting its “elitist” membership that could disrupt or interfere with the Republic and the unique freedoms it held in the world.

By this time, it was believed the Masons were quietly killing off opposition or whistleblowers, such as, William Morgan. Different Christian denominations such as Presbyterian, Methodist, Congregational and some Baptists spoke out against Freemasonry involvement too.

It is stunning with open knowledge today about its Sabbatain-Frankist underpinnings along with Saturn worship (see: http://saturndeathcult.com/ ) that so many churches are silent and even openly accepting of these Luciferian servants.

Even as recently as 1993, the Southern Baptists made a moronic statement allowing for individual members to participate as a matter of conscience but then later clarified after taking a “close look” at the cult:

“The “Closer Look” provides documentation and explanation for the eight concerns of the original 1993 report on Freemasonry, which it summarized with the following statements:

1) “Freemasonry uses offensive, non-biblical, and blasphemous terms relating to God.”

2) “Freemasonry insists on the use of ‘bloody oaths’ or obligation, which are strictly forbidden by the Bible (cf. Matt 5:34-37).”

3) “Freemasonry urges that occultic and/or pagan readings be used, and that their teachings be appropriated in interpreting such concepts as the Trinity.”

4) “Freemasonry includes the Bible as part of the ‘furniture of the lodge,’ but only as an equal with non-Christian symbols and writings.”

5) “Freemasonry misuses the term ‘light’ to refer to moral “reformation” as a means to salvation.”

6) “Freemasonry teaches that salvation may be attained by ‘good works’ and not through faith in Christ alone.”

7) “Freemasonry advocates in many of its writings the non-biblical teachings of universalism.”

8) “In some of its lodges, Freemasonry discriminates against non-whites.”

Source: http://www.bpnews.net/5959


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