Independent Journalist, Brandon Turbeville, Returns From Syria: His Thoughts Should Be Sobering For Those In Delusion

Brandon Turbeville, has been covering the war in Syria for many years. He recently returned from a tour in Syria and after seeing the nation first hand and numerous cities which he had wrote about, and doing many first hand interviews with Syrians he writes (now, think carefully about this because this war nearly led the US into direct confrontation with the Russians – as Hillary Clinton was actively advocating for a year ago by which half of America was at least enthusiastically supportive):

“After having the chance to visit many of the places I had written about during the course of the crisis, everything I have written has now been confirmed first hand. I am now more convinced than ever that the “information” being spread across mainstream media outlets like CNN, MSNBC, FOX, and the rest are, quite simply, complete and total bullshit. There is no wonder Americans are so tragically ignorant of what is happening in Syria and the rest of the world when the constant barrage of media propaganda they are subjected to does nothing but promote claims and statements that are in direct contradiction to the facts.”

Earlier, I posted about a former US Marine, Brad Hoff, who also wrote about his view of Syria based upon his first hand visits to the nation. Hoff concluded:

“[The international war waged upon Syria] has revealed itself to be, for most common sense people, the greatest of all possible evils.”

This should all be quite sobering for those who are “asleep,” walking through life like zombies, and overtly praising US politicians like John McCain as “honorable” – he’s been a primary catalyst for this war on Syrians.

It remains to be seen how Americans will respond with justice towards their own criminal element, including US soldiers guilty of this evil. To be sure, if Americans refuse to implement an appropriate level of justice towards this habitual evil (Syria is not the only targeted nation), the world will eventually bring about their own justice.


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