Las Vegas Shennanigans 

The urgency to continue to disseminate information and knowledge through alternative means and social media is only magnifying in our times.

The power structure of the ruling “eilte” is thoroughly integrated in the whole of society.

From the top to the bottom, in politics, commerce, in education, healthcare, in law enforcement, in the military, in entertainment such as the Hollywood film and tv programming industry, the NFL or MLB, or in religion such as Christiainty, Judiasm, Islam Scientology, Jehovah Witness and so on all have been infiltrated or, perhaps even originated, all working hand in hand together, with the purpose to advance and support the trajectory and aspirations of those ruling all the classes below.

If you are not one of “them,” who are in fact enslaved to their own delusions, you are a pawn, or even “cannon fodder” (their words, not mine) to their own ambitions being imposed upon much of the world right now. It does not matter how fiscally “secure” or social-economically accomplished you believe yourself to be, to “them” you belong somewhere under them and are therefore, are “entitled” to be a recipient of their world vision, whether that is “alive” or dead – if “alive,” conscientiously “asleep” is preferred.

“They” are, in fact, thinking this comprehensively for you though most of us would not even give it a second thought to do likewise towards any other.

The Las Vegas “massacre” is only another glaring example of ruthlessness and carelessness this group and their “minions” will go to in order to incrementally advance their over all goals.

Michael Welch, Debbie Lusignan, and Shawn Helton have compiled an excellent overview of analysis concerning Las Vegas through podcasts  and a YouTube interview, along with “notes” at the end of this article to accompany their theories and conclusions:


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