Shedding Light On Why The NFL Would Actively Participate In Nationwide Social Controversy

Why is this key to know?

Gene Sharp is the “godfather” and designer of public protests and rebellion to overthrow governments. His work and principles are long utilized by the RAND Corporation, and implemented in partnership with George Soros, the CIA, the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller’s, the Bush’s and so on.

Sharp identifies issues that resonate with the poor and working classes to ignite critical mass protest against the establishment. Normally, this is done in the name of “democracy.”

These “elite” families/people are continuously seeking an issue to rally and ignite the poorer classes into action which can be leveraged to overthrow government in order to install a new one of their choice.

In nearly all of the previous protest movements in America of this decade, the poorer classes have not unified or participated to the degree needed to ignite the movement.

Many of the protests remain among highly educated, or intellectuals, higher income or well funded non-profit groups – sprinkled with Soros-type funded “swarming mobs of adolescents” (a term espoused by RAND).

The NFL, obviously, has an enormous followership from the poorer classes, so igniting controversy which resonates with this social sector holds great attraction for the “elites.”

Yes, the “elites” within the NFL are ideologues enough to forfeit profits to elicit a national revolution to overthrow the American status quo.


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