Watch “Discovery Channel China Time of Xi Episode 1: People’s Republic” on YouTube

A very impressive documentary about China can be watched here.

Things many Americans, who believe their nation is “exceptional” among the world, are brought to light concerning China, such as:

  • 600 million people lifted out of poverty – figure alone is nearly twice the size of the entire US population.
  • 1 person, every 2 seconds is lifted out of poverty.
  • Utilizes adaptive and targeted approaches to lift entire communities out of poverty.
  • Public use, high speed trains have reduced 12 hour travel times to 3 hours.
  • President Xi, has an impressive and authentic background which groomed him to be a “servant-leader” for the people, not a mere corporate mogul or “overlord” – I know many Christian Pastors, not to mention government leaders in America, who do not have this impressive aspect to their own development.

Watch the full episode of the documentary here:


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