What the Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You About Syria’s Christians

Pictured above: US Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, with Syrian Christian leadership

I have learned over the years that widely read mainstream media, including Christianity Today, is so intertwined with the US government that the true story of the reality confronting people, including non-Sunni Muslims, homosexuals, various ethnic groups and Christians hardly gets through to American/Western Christians.

I have even seen highly funded Evangelical Theologians/Pastors, while trying to “evangelize” their readership, they trumpet the falsified US government narrative concerning Syria and offer recommendations for their readers to push to reform another religion – namely, Islam.

One has even stated we should pray for Syrians and their protection while offering zero critique of his own government that is largely responsible for the disaster Syrians, and Syrian Christians, have experienced over the years.

While I cannot fathom the full stupidity and arrogance of all that, many Christians, particularly American and those from Texas, buy this crap all the time.

If you have followed me much, I have no problem criticizing and offering  scrutiny of any religion, even my own – as all people should do, but it is not my place to reform another religion. Exposing it/shedding light on it is one thing, critiquing it is entirely another – especially if the religion has a public agenda.

The following report, published by Russian Insider, is written by, Fr. Benedict Kiely, who is an activist for Christians in Syria.

He is the founder of Nasarean.org and sheds light on how Christians in Syria are impacted by American-Western applied sanctions.

American Christians should have awakened to these crimes against humanity, especially their fellow Christians, long ago.

But by mere fact that this was published in a “Russian” media outlet, this article too will be dismissed by many in America.

Please read Fr. Kiely’s article here:



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