Watch “Why Big Oil Conquered The World” on YouTube

Through a systematic approach to monopolizing an entire industry at the end of the 19th Century, the Rockefeller “oligarch” family, and those collaborating with them, have had an ideology all along that is literally pushing the world into a new world order.

William Engdahl, at the first of this year, wrote an excellent report providing background concerning Henry Kissinger’s optimism concerning the newly elected US President, Donald Trump.

Engdahl wrote of the new world order ambitions and close ties Kissinger has held to along with David Rockefeller, the heir to Standard Oil which would later become Exxon-Mobil. Rockefeller may have passed earlier this year at the age of 103, but not before he had his Exxon-Mobil CEO minion, Rex Tillerson, appointed to Trump’s top foreign diplomat job.

Anyone would be a fool to dismiss this widely available information. Read Engdahl’s article here, and all of his citations, especially the one found here.

I have said, many times to people with whom I discuss geopolitics, that I do not derive “new world order” phenomenon spoken of today from my religion, but I derive it directly from their own words (those are vocally advocating for it), or indirectly from those reporting on their words as indicated in the above references.

Furthermore, many Americans are out there, who actually believe that things happening today, and their taxes, along with their military and police agencies are all tirelessly working together to help all Americans live into deeper “freedoms” and greater “security.”

They are blissfully ignorant about the ruthless oiligarchs, so rich for so long, that nearly everyone of power and influence is bought out by this small ideological group of families.

Most Americans, for example, have no idea that someone like Al Gore, a strong proponent for “global warming” and “climate change,” was made wealthy from carbon trading and was helped installed into politics by Oxy Petroleum and its founder.

The following video, provides a deeper look into all of this and more – it never was only about oil and becoming rich by oil. There is an ideology:


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