Why is the US at war in West Africa?

I just “love” how my American “freedoms” keep hopscotching all over the world.

Stay tuned for an upcoming presentation, that I’ll post here later this week, which demonstrates how US Police officers and US military personnel, by definition, in our day, are “abdicators” or worse – and exhibit the precise ideology found in cult followers.

Sure, there are all sorts of accusations and allegations of young children being kidnapped for who knows what in that region, so people like John McCain have already admitted they would invade a sovereign nation over this.

The US has had for years a pandemic crisis of child abductions and sex trafficking and was recently brought under further public scrutiny due to “pizzagate” evidence, which the Washington DC Police have been sitting on for nearly 11 months, in addition to the latest Hollywood sex scandals tied to Harvey Weinstein which promises to bring more dark activity into the light.

It is amazing how slow Americans are to take care of their own brutality and filth while appointing themselves “judge” over the whole earth.

Are you sure you want to blindly and automatically want to keep “honoring” the troops?

It is amazing, particularly, Christians, and churches do this all the time. What New Testament do these sort of people read? 

In the meantime, read about the secret American war going on now in West Africa here:



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