Watch “How Obama will take your guns away” on YouTube

Adam Kokesh, a former US Marine, posted this revealing interview from several years ago he had on the street with an active duty Marine at the time.

Watch how Kokesh exposes how Marines, and other military personnel, dehumanize themselves and delve deeply into cognitive dissonance about the sworn oath they take to defend the Consitution from foreign and domestic threats versus ordering following their superiors.

                                             – Image from Mark Passio

When one examines this, this type of blind submission and order following is precisely what we often encounter within cults. Why would we give the US military, the most powerful military on earth ever a “hall pass” for this dangerous behavior? 

Why would we automatically extend honor to humans like this who have such disdain for the supreme law of the land in the US, the Consitution, which they swore an oath to defend in the first place and which defines/defends our rights as Americans?

The phenomenon is widespread and many women and men join the military and they literally tune out of reality as we see here:


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