Che Guervara, The Revolutionary Of The Farmers 

Che Guervara represented “agrarian guerilla” warfare of “the great rural masses” awakened to ruling political corruption within the cities that ruled the day in Central America. These politicians were selling out to American governments, the mafia (who would bring in their culture of violence, addiction, sexual revolution, gambling and so on), and oil robber barons.

Did you know former CIA Director, long before he was Director (and then, shockingly US President), George H.W. Bush, set up his oil company drilling platforms in the Cuban region?

How much of Bush’s profits do you think went directly back to benefit people in n Cuba or Central America?

The name of Bush’s oil company was Zapata oil and gas (named after the Mexican revolutionary from 1910 to 1919, who sought land reforms) founded in 1953 with the aid of other CIA employees – according to “sanitized” released CIA documents. Zapata is now HRG, contrary to what CIA documents suggest (they clearly try to imply this company was sold off, which is not the whole story).Coca-Cola lost huge sugar farm profits because they were exploiting Cubans with near slave labor wages.

Bush’s past dealings in the entire region would again help him, with the assistance of his son, Jeb, in a vast array of illegal drug industry activity as well as the famous “Iran-contra” weapons trafficking, which any discerning American voting populous would have not ignored concerning a US Presidential candidate at that time (1980’s/early 90’s).

Characterized so often so differently from American governments, American press, and the educational- religious system, Guervara, actually aligns with 90 percent of American  farmland values.

Guevara, with Castro, caught on quick to what was happening post WW2, all over the world. Of course, they had to, it was happening to them in their own countries. This American interference and invasion model continues today – it’s repeated over and over again.

This is why the very country that was widely reported fighting the “guerilla” war revolutionary leader and then killed him (in partnership with the CIA), is now honoring him at the 50th anniversary of his death.

Guevara was killed at the age of 39, October 9, 1967.


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