More Saturn Worship Symbols…

Al Gore’s stock exchange of choice during the first decade of the 21st Century, the Chicago Climate Exchange, traded greenhouse gases and carbon allowances.

In two different ways Saturn worship mythology is featured. The planet, Saturn, depiction, featuring 2 rings is in the very center of the logo.

Along with this, the planet is set within 3 different planets associated with ancient Saturn mythology: Mars, Venus, Saturn.

The Chicago Climate Exchange was bought in 2010, for $606.7 million, by the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), who owns the New York Stock Exchange, since 2013.

ICE, in their logo, let’s you know they are aligned with this comprehensive religious system they are all about Saturn worship – a black cube.

The next picture is of the Global Environment Facility. The human creativity behind this logo, somehow landed on Saturn too.

The geo-political world is mainstreaming to and aligning with Saturn worship and mythology. It is about total control and human sacrifice to establish this new world order.


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