The Western Powers Are Hard At Work Generating More Propaganda To Stimulate War

While US government officials have said there is no link between ISIS and the Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock, reports did emerge from mainstream media outlets that ISIS claimed responsibility for the massacre.

The “net” effect is that the general population is left with the impression that ISIS was a part of Las Vegas – the mental “seed” has been implanted. No further nuance or detail will be necessary.

Then, in France, the following report by Reuters announces 5 people have been questioned for possible connections to explosives that were found in a Paris neighborhood.

Reuters uses vague reporting as to how many of these people were actually arrested or not reporting what their names are, while stating only one is on a “radicalized” Islamic militant list. If there’s a government list, who is on it and which one is it?

The article goes on to quote Interior Minister, Gerard Collomb, saying that, “We are still in a state of war.”

Meanwhile, in the Middle East, where ISIS is a primary threat, more evidence has surfaced that the US was assisting ISIS in Syria, not only their “Anti-Assad” forces of preference. Evidence has spilled out to the open in the past but is often ignored in the West.

The Newsweek article, as is often the case in corporate media, fails to mention how vastly populated the US backed Syrian Democratic Forces are with Sunni Islamic jihadists, holding precisely the same ideology as ISIS, who might hold to a slightly varying degree to how to “skin a cat” or when to enslave, rape or chop off a head of the enemy and infidels.

Nevertheless, the US and their Western allies have been supporting Islamic jihadists whom the US and Newsweek refer to as “Anti-Assad rebels” whose US supplied weapons constantly ended up in the hands of other (like-minded) Islamic groups in the six year US efforts to drive political protests in order to create Sunni jihadist terrorism and then fuel civil war (as is inadvertently admitted here in the Newsweek article – by definition, all anti-Assad forces are terrorists, Assad is the official Syrian government).
The Newsweek article also cites the Russian Military Director, Sergei Rudskoy, claiming the US Special Forces collaborating with terrorists fighting against and undermining the Syrian government in a battle relating to Deir Ezzor.

Perhaps, with the rising awareness that the US and Western allies, like Paris, having a large Islamic population from which to draw, are assisting jihadists in Syria, Parist type of arrests as is mentioned above are US/UK/French covert jihadist recruiting schemes and/or announcements to continue waging a proxy war upon Syria.

As terrified as Americans are over the “massacre” in Las Vegas, how on earth can they remotely support the terrorism in Syria they have widely supported and weaponized for 6 years now?


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