Watch “Iranian North Korean Relationship – Prof Alexander Azadgan” on YouTube

This is a helpful interview of Iranian born Professor Alexander Azadgan from California with 108 Morris 108.

While the interviewer, Maurice, is interviewing the professor, Maurice streams a video of North Korea depicting daily life for them – they are images widely blocked from American corporate media in efforts to peddle war in the region.

Furthermore, Azadgan provides context concerning the long relationship between Iran and North Korea that is also often omitted from the mainstream and government narratives of the West.

In the late 1980’s, the US was allied with Iraq and the Iraqi, leader, Saddam Hussein, and supplied him with weapons and chemical weapons to wage war with Iran.

North Korea supplied Iran with weapons during that time. Eventually, the US invaded Iraq and removed their former war ally, Saddam Hussein, who was then put on trial by his own nation and then killed, and nearly 15 years later, Iraq is still destabilized and recoiling from Sunni jihadist uprisings and civil war.

Watch more here:


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