Selling a Bill of Goods on PBS about the Vietnam War | Howard Linsoff

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a recording of independent researcher on the Vietnam War, Douglas Valentine, which talked about more in-depth context concerning the war that often contradicts, on many points, the official US government narrative presents and the widely held presumptions of the general public hold to, in view of the launch of the latest PBS (an outlet of CIA proganda) Ken Burns documentary, “Vietnam War.”

I have watched some of it and the “whitewashing” of this evil war is repugnant.

When examining and reflecting upon wars from a spiritual vantage point, particularly an orthodox Christian one, you simply cannot “whitewash” evil and expect to connect more deeply with God. Jesus of Nazareth spoke at length at what it means to worship God in spirit and truth.

Even though much of Christianity, Evangelicalism and Catholicism, are tied into the patriotic system of the American empire, does not mean Jesus is or that he would approve of the murderous military endeavors or those who automatically, blindly support and praise the military.

Like many religions of the world, it would be understandable that many Christians involved in the evil campaigns would seek out a false narrative to justify themselves and spend their lives performing “good” and “pious” activity to bury or ignore their vile behavior before a watching humanity and an eternally holy and righteous deity.

Staying locked in this spiritual delusion only leads into the repeated vicious cycle presently manifested in our day, for nearly the entire 21st Century so far, of immoral and unlawful American wars.

If we don’t have an honest “confession” of our evil then there is no need for “God’s grace” and there is no need for adaptive thinking or behavior.

Another Vietnam researcher Howard Linsoff, who holds to a slightly different take than Douglas Valentine, says this in response to the “Vietnam War” documentary:

“Burns and Novick want viewers to believe that the Vietnam War was a mistake undertaken by those with noble intentions in the U.S. government. We had good intentions going into Vietnam, but The Vietnam War, which aired on PBS, would like viewers to believe that the grotesque consequences of that war… millions dead and wounded… were never really intended. They were in the vernacular, unintended consequences of men with good intentions.

It’s the same kind of justification and rationalization that then secretary of defense, Robert McNamara, made in The Fog of War and it’s all bullshit plain and simple. These opinion molders want people to believe that we occasionally stumble on the way to the nirvana that is American Exceptionalism and national purity.

But they didn’t stumble and we are most certainly not exceptional. If readers want to gauge how unexceptional our “leaders” are, then look to Trump and Congress and their neoliberal facilitators. The duopoly planned the anti-communist crusade from the beginning of the Cold War until there were so many dead bodies and so much protest that the government had to walk away. It wasn’t a matter of dollars and cents, as some would like readers to believe, as this predatory system leaves lots of spare pocket change to throw away on immoral wars.”

Read more about what Linsoff recommends to read so that our American society can return to clarity, truth and live:


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