Puerto is America, But America Hates Itself

America presumes its “leadership” in the world, over the world, that it is this beacon of light and a pillar of greatness – normally all of this is contextualized within the categories of finances, the military industry sustaining the financial sector, and the political hierarchy of the empire.

In the empire, it is only these 3 sectors that enjoy the height of human creativity, yet, it cannot even reliably mobilize when it’s own people witin its own territory are stuck with disaster of biblical proportions.

And, based on first hand testimony rising out of the recent Houston devastation from Hurricane Harvey, federal rescue efforts may actually be a threat to human life, not a trustworthy source of help.

A corporate media, dedicated to and supported by the financial sector and the military industrial complex refuses to honestly shed light on this inhumanity.

But in desperation, people will look to almost anyone for hope.

As Brian Reznick and Eliza Barclay report in light of Hurricane Maria, which had 150 mph winds as a category 4 storm when it struck Puerto Rico:

“3.4 million US citizens live in Puerto Rico, and they are entitled to the same government response as any state. But half of Americans don’t even know that…

If Puerto Rico were a state, it would be the 30th most populated – with more people than Wyoming, Vermont, and Alaska combined.”

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