Ex-Cop Arrested with Guns Outside White House Alleges CIA Mind Control Plot – Sputnik International

The other day I posted about the CIA MK Ultra (mind control) program on another topic.

It appears recently a former Police officer was arrested in Washington DC and admitted to being a participant, with an implanted chip in his head.

As Sputnik international reports:

“Bates explained to officers that he was part of the CIA’s decades-long, secret MK Ultra program, which led to the former Memphis police officer receiving a chip in his brain, according to the arrest affidavit. Bates added that he hoped Defense Secretary James Mattis and NSA Director Adm. Mike Rogers would be able to shed some light on alleged “missing paychecks” he was to receive for his participation in the program.”
Read more at:


The CIA has admitted to this mind control program, but not to the extent of it.

Stay tuned! 


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