The Mainstreaming Of Satanic Worship – Look Where It Is Coming From

Numerous times in the last year I have pointed out the mainstreaming of Satanic occult ritualism and while a very small portion of religious people grasp this quickly, most people are still asleep and in utter denial of what is occurring before our very eyes.

There are even some that just believe this is simply cultural and historical expression that needs to enjoy a platform and equal opportunity in Western civilization.

A little more than a year ago, at the opening ceremony of the EU’s newly built underground Gotthard Base tunnel, the entire performance ceremony centered around a Freemason linked Baphomet figure who was depicted as cross breeding with a woman – remember this was for a the celebration of building a transportation tunnel.

See video interpreting the symbolism for that production here:

Add to this the various Olympic games opening or closing ceremonies or even the NFL halftime performances, Astana meetings, NASA images of the North Pole of Saturn, among other things, and we can see audiences of the world being inundated regularly with Freemason, Satanic, Saturn occult symbolism and mock ritualism.

The latest display, designed to rub it “in,” no less, took place at St. Andrew Holborn Church in England, a few days ago which has had a church on this site for more than 1,000 years.

It was a Freemason-Satanic oriented fashion show with a special display of very significant occultic and Freemasonry symbolism (tied to Saturn worship) within the church.

There has been no comment from the Pope to date, the supreme representative of Jesus Christ on earth (according to Catholic theology).

Learn more about the mainstreaming of Satanic occultic and the connection of these symbols and expressions infiltrating the Catholic Church and Freemasonry here:

Stay tuned and I will post another brief video providing you the Satanic link between a former Jewish Rabbi, Sabbatai Zevi, the illuminati, the Freemasons and the current global banking order of the Rothschilds.


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