Blocked From US Corporate Media: US Is Supporting ISIS

The US is becoming increasingly sloppy in hiding its “covert” weaponization of Sunni jihadists. For many years in Syria, under the publicly dispersed words from politicians, such as Senator John McCain or corporate media outlets, Islamic jihadists whom the US has been funding, weaponizing and training were referred to as “rebels,” “freedom fighters,” “democratic forces,” and so on.

Even earlier this year, Congresswoman and US Army veteran Tulsi Gabbard, led an effort to pass a bill to stop this activity, called the Stop Arming Terrorists Bill, after she visited personally, Syria, and saw the damage these terrorists committed.

Now, direct evidence from Russia has emerged that the US is actively supporting ISIS.

Nevertheless, the treasonous, unlawful and hypocritical US military activity in Syria rages on.

Check out @RT_com’s Tweet: 


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