The Worst Mistake in U.S. History – The Future of Freedom Foundation | Jacob Hornberger

Jacob G. Hornberger, graduate of the University of Texas and Virginia Military Institute, former US Presidential candidate and originally from Texas, aptly states the situation of America of our times in the recently released article below.

With the programmed or socially engineered slogans and mantras to lift up and exalt the imperial state and it’s most overt branch of mass violence, the military, supported and sustained by corporate media and Christianity, such as Evangelicalism and Catholicism – phenomenon that politicians are quite privy to and exploit at any opportunity, the “righteous” veil is used “whitewash” the violence and to deceive the general public that they are in a state of freedom and rights unmatched anywhere – all working together to cast an appearance that the military and all those “submitted” to orders are actually fighting for and defending your rights and freedoms.

The intended effect is to sever human conscience, principles and values from their behavior, particularly violence, bloodlust, and greed – particularly if you are employed by the military or one of their loyal cheerleaders.

The reality is that you are free to stay ignorant. You have the right to be deceived as well.

While describing the impact of the use of this veil by one former US Marine, Phil Klay, Hornberger writes:

“The worst mistake in U.S. history was the conversion after World War II of the U.S. government from a constitutional, limited-government republic to a national-security state. Nothing has done more to warp and distort the conscience, principles, and values of the American people, including those who serve in the U.S. military.

This is what a national-security state does to people — it warps, damages, or destroys their conscience, principles, and values; induces them to subscribe to false bromides; and nurtures all sorts of mental contortions to enable people to avoid confronting reality.”

It is time to wake up, an eternal Hell thirsts for souls.

Read more of Hornberger’s article here:


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