Humanity Continues To Align With Saturn…

I just returned from a few days down at South Padre Island, Texas. I have been down there quite a bit throughout my life but this may have been the first time in 15 years or so.

If you drive or fly down there from the more northern parts of the state of Texas, you will likely pass through a city called, Harlingen, Texas.

I thought it was quite interesting, that in all the (brief) history of this area and in light of all the growing corporatism in the region, that the “good” folks of Harlingen decided that the sum total of their aspirations, commerce, creativity and way of life could be presented to all with an image mirroring the Saturn mythology of antiquity – 21st Century style.

Harlingen is letting the New World Order that they are aligned and “submitted.” This NWO is a religious and economic system.

The red outer circle is Saturn, and Mars is the inner blue circle and the white star is Venus – the 3 major figures of the Saturn mythology found all over the world in antiquity (according to comparative mythology researcher, David Talbott).

Inside the white star, the symbolism is repeated, but the ring of Saturn encompasses the “H” and star in the middle of the “H.”

This is a religious movement, implemented ion significant part by the occultic order of Freemasonry, with vast economic and political repercussions, yet, with nearly zero objection or scrutiny from the general public.


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