Truth Is The Only Way To Honor & Remember The Dead of 9/11

How long have “truthers” been saying we’ve been thoroughly lied to by the US government? How long have we ridiculed those who attempted to not only question the government but put forth alternative theories to the horrors of September 11, 2001?

I once believed the lies of the government and when I was first confronted with honest questions and basic facts related to 9/11 and aspects of the broader narrative I would tell people “it’s probably irresponsible to doubt the government and their experts’ opinions.”

How insanely wrong I was! Most Americans are perfectly content with grave insanity and will incessantly tolerate it no matter the stakes.

If you want to sincerely remember the dead of those nearly 3,000 people who were murdered that day and pay honor to their lives, I can assure you, the truth, and the pursuit of it, is what they would want most from humanity – especially from the millions upon millions of “perfect strangers” who claim to “honor” and “remember” those who died in utter tragedy.

The recent article below (with all accompanied links), by Kevin Barrett of Veterans Today, will help you begin to break free from grave insanity of our times, and he points to recent mainstream media outlets to help you along the way, since we widely dismiss alternative voices on facts, reason and truth:

“A big-circulation London newspapercovered 9/11 honestly. Another London paper exposed  new examples of 9/11 predictive programming. And the New York Times published a ferocious op-ed charging that the mainstream media’s 9/11 narrative was “totally false, literally from the first minutes.”

Was the 16th anniversary of 9/11 the historical moment when truth finally hit the big time?

Not quite. The loathesome lies still outnumbered the instances of truthful reporting. The New York Times and Time Magazine, for example, both published stories about the 1,112 people who were apparently completely vaporized on 9/11 — leaving behind not even a fingernail or a bone fragment for DNA analysis — without bothering to ask how a gravity-driven collapse from relatively minor office fires could possibly do such a thing.”

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