Check Out What The Favored Evangeical President, Donald Trump, Is Driving To Remove From Syria: Christianity

President Donald Trump spoke pompous words which drove many ​Evangelical to vote for him.

Their President stands to continue the Obama regime pattern to bring further misery to the Christian genocide in the Middle East which the US helped to create for several years by weaponizing and training Sunni jihadists in US efforts to oust Assad.

The following comments are from the Facebook wall of Sarah Abed of Syria about recent remarks from Syrian President Assad concerning Syrian Christians:

(See: )
Quotes by President Bashar Al Assad posted today on the official Twitter account for the Presidency of the #Syrian Arab Republic (roughly translated from Arabic to English): 

President Assad to the Syriac Orthodox youth: #Syria is a homogenous country and not a co-existence. Coexistence is the acceptance of the other reluctantly, while homogeneity is fully living without separation.
‏الرئيس #الأسد للشباب السريان:
سورية بلد متجانس وليس متعايشاً.. فالتعايش هو القبول بالآخر على مضض، بينما التجانس فهو العيش الكامل دون تفريق..

Christians are not our guests, or migratory birds, but are the basis of the existence of the homeland, without them there is no existence of Syria. 
‏#الأسد: المسيحيون ليسوا ضيوفاً، أو طيوراً مهاجرة، بل هم أساس وجود الوطن، من دونهم لا وجود لسورية.. ومن دونها لا أرض ولا وجود راسخاً لهم أيضا
President Assad receives the participants in the “General Meeting of Syriac Youth”, in the presence of the Patriarch of #Antioch and the rest of the Orient of the #Syriac Orthodox and a number of bishops.
‏الرئيس #الأسد يستقبل المشاركين في “اللقاء العام للشباب السرياني”، بحضور بطريرك أنطاكية وسائر المشرق للسريان الأرثوذكس وعدد من المطارنة..


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