CBS Blows The Lid Off On Weaponized Weather – Did You Catch It?

It is not just alternative (right) or non-corporate media that is talking about “weaponized weather.”

And, with all the recent media focus on the surge of rain with the latest hurricanes, I was surprised to learn one huge corporate media outlet ventured down the “conspiratorial” rabbit trail on a topic which has been discussed at length for years on alternative media outlets and by independent researchers.

In a recent interview on CBS, with Physicist, Michio Kiko, being asked about whether or not the major governments of the world can and have weaponized weather, Dr. Kiko actually confirms they have for numerous decades, citing the usage as far back as fighting off the Viet Cong in the 1960’s.

CBS clearly attempted to use double speak here to confuse viewers in order to leave them with the impression that this degree of weather manipulation was merely experimental or done so allegedly and that the governmental intent behind these things are merely for “benevolent” purposes (i.e. – assisting farmers during drought seasons).

However, according to US government documents, this has been research (and resulting weaponry) of war wings of the government, not the Department of Agricultural and not recently, but at least for decades – and it was not “allegedly.”

According to the US Government’s Historical website, the Department of Defense had already “perfected” the cloud seeding for increasing rainfall for military purposes in the 1960’s for Veitnam stating:

“In our view, the experiments were undeniably successful, indicating that, at least under weather and terrain conditions such as those involved, the U.S. Government has realized a capability of significant weather modification. If anything, the tests were ‘too successful.'”

This 1967 document is called, “274 Memorandum From Deputy Secretary of State For Political Affairs (Kholer) to Secretary of State Rusk,” (Subject: Weather Modification in Vietnam and Laos [Project Popeye]) and was an intended “immediate use” request to use as an instrument of warfare:

“The present DOD proposal would grant authority for the conduct of cloud seeding activities on a sustained basis. For designated areas in North Vietnam, it would mean taking advantage of the present northeast monsoon (the “Crachin”) to increase normal rainfall. The objective is to inhibit overland vehicular movement and to reinforce the bottlenecks already created at stream crossings by the bombing of bridges and ferry installations.


And the following 1972 document posted on the CIA FOIA request website confirms this program was “continuing” to monitor this activity in “international aspects of weather modification,” – clearly illustrating the continued warfare activity that was said to be alleged by CBS in the Dr. Kiko interview.


If it was “alleged” why monitor it for so long in war branches of the US? There’s more to this and more available information, but this is all I have time for today.

Watch out for that fake news.


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