The Moral Dilemma A Hurricane Exposes For Americans

Consider how disruptive a hurricane can be for millions of people in Houston.

Houston is a capital city comprised of all the oil companies, law firms, politicians, personalities, banks, multinational corporations, weapons companies, Evangeical Christianity, Freemasonry, Universities, professional sports leagues, and so on, all working together and hand in hand, undergirding and driving the US military and war machine.

The US war machine has unleashed a 6 year illegal and immoral assault upon an entire nation where hundreds of thousands of people, responsible for Christian genocide, and displacing over 11 million from their homes.

The official US Gov’t account of September 11, 2001, is that 19 Sunni jihadists, holding to the same ideology as the men pictured below, are responsible for executing the crashing of airplanes on that day which took 3,000 lives.

For six years, America has funded, trained, weaponized and mobilized tens of thousands of Sunni jihadists from all over the world in an effort to establish Sunni Islam, often billed as “moderates” or “democratic” rebels, and to overthrow the standing secular/ pluralistic government of Syria.

Since this effort is now failing, the US is retooling to partner with Kurds and other minorities to continue to destroy the nation of Syria.

Have a nice time trying to tell an eternally just and moral God how you factored into all of this or not.

Sing songs to God, lift your hands in the air while so doing, read the Bible more, get very busy with something “positive” – maybe all this will placate God to turn a blind eye to American injustice unleashed all over the world.


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