US Illegal Action & Presence In Syria Is In The Spotlight After Aiding ISIS 

Consider the implications of everything happening in Syria: the truth is spilling out that the US/UK/Israel et. al were all helping al Qaeda and ISIS – the very people the US mobilized all over the world to combat on the “war on terror.” Where else have they been partnering with them in the world?

But that’s not everything. Here’s what is even “worse” (for US “interests” abroad and Israel): Syria has survived this 6 year international onslaught from numerous nations including the ones I just named.

If anything, Syrian alliances with Russia, Iran, Iraq and Hezbollah are solidified as never before in addition to being war trained and hardened – and they will  likely never let their guard down again in our life time anyway.

Israel will now forever be utterly vulnerable to these nations that will certainly demand justice and a rebalancing of the current order.

Maybe all of this was planned – to usher in the “New World Order.”

As Sott.Net rightly observes concerning the following RT article:

“America’s justification to remain in Syria is even more tenuous as the argument Washington always presents – that its troops are there to kill ISIS –  has no foundation now.”


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