“History Of Weather Modification – Jolene La Marsh Domenic Marrama Global Chemtrail Summit” on YouTube

In light of all this rain with hurricanes and cyclones all over the world happening lately, we must take pause. 

With the bogus official US government account of 9/11, the resulting “war on terror,”  the murder of JFK and the treasonous activities stemming from the excusing Nazis of WW2 and grafting them into branches of the US Gov’t (Operation Paperclip) and so on, we can no longer simply trust the US gov’t on anything, including the weather – there is plenty here to generate perplexity and skepticism of what is really happening with weather.

I could add how NASA wants to get into (really under) Yellowstone National Park to, somehow, manipulate “the weather” in order to take a little edge off the building huge coming explosion of the super caldera volcano.

Let me also add that NASA also has direct links to the British dark sex magick occultist, Aleister Crowley, who formerly was a double agent spy, or at least worked for both the UK and US (maybe more). A top disciple of his was Jack Parsons, the founder of JPL, the jet propulsion company for NASA. There is a crater on the moon, named by NASA scientists, after Carson. It’s on the dark side (no doubt).

Satanic occultic worship is often tied to human sacrifice – they do it to pay homage to their deity.

I find it strange that the “Jewish Holocaust” is popularly called just that – “holocaust” means “whole burnt offering,” and is an activity that implies a religious act of worship to a deity. What Jew, or any human for that matter, on earth would consider the “Jewish Holocaust” of WW2 an honorable act of homage or worship to a deity? Well, in light of numerous religions (like expressions of Islam today) throughout history, that’s an unnecessary question.

Here’s a good initiation video of the nefarious activities that the “morally supreme on earth” (exceptional) US Gov’t has been practicing (for more than a century, according to independent researcher, Domenic Marrama)  known as “Weather Modification” to produce precipitation – the name should alert you alone and this information should awaken you to what “they” mean by “climate change.”

There are plenty of facts and names here to begin your own investigation instead of dismissing the claims as “conspiracy theory” or playing the role of “victim.”

I should add, that with all of those “flooded” states in photo seen above, they are mostly extremely oil and gas rich regions – with deep sea oil exploration and extraction a flooded Los Angeles is a lot “cheaper” than paying all those various land owners for their land (and mineral rights).

As far back as the 1800’s, downtown LA had numerous oil wells not unlike what pictured above. Now think about the “greed” factor with oil barons who have seen what sort of revenues new drilling technology (like fracking) can be produced in lower populated regions like West Texas.


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