US Top Brass in Syria Assist Sunni Muslims in Establishing Religion Which Could Lead To A Major Military Conflict Against Russia

The US led military coalition in Syria has long been supporting Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), who are primarily Sunni jihadists groups, but still widely billed by the West as Kurdish (a very small minority of 10% within Syria), who the US has been weaponizing, funding and training in an internationally waged war upon Syria for 6 years.
While, the SDF is comprised of multiethnic forces, most are Sunni Muslims and the Kurds are not any more moral, as widely assumed or billed by the West either.

Despite Major General Robert Jones, the Deputy Commander in-Chief of the US coalition has taken a hard line against the Syrian government within the sovereign nation of Syria, according to South Front (see article below).

Despite Jones, and all US military personnel under his command, taking oaths to protect the US Constitution from foreign and domestic threats, he has decided to ignore entirely the 1st Amendment, which expressly prohibits the US government from establishing religion. That would include Sunni Islam, which is a comprehensive religion for living out a faith which includes a geo-political component, Sharia Law and a caliphate.

The US has been a long supporter of Sunni Islamic uprisings against the Syrian Assad government who has been protecting various minority groups and religions within Syria, including Christianity.

Since at least the 1980’s, the CIA has “judged” according to their own documents that Sunni Islam is preferred in Syria over an Assad government.

Furthermore, this dangerous stance and confrontation could spiral into something worse for which the US general population is not remotely prepared: war against nuclear armed Russia for defending and establishing Sunni jihadists in Syria.

Russia has long had an alliance with Syria and has had military bases within the country since at least the 1970’s. The US has unlawfully invaded Syria and continues to wage an illegal war against Syria through arming and weaponizing Sunni jihadists, including those who fight with the SDF.

This treasonous and wreckless US military activity has been habitual and I doubt seriously most Americans, if they knew the truth, that they would wholeheartedly support this sort of high stakes game that could ignite a nuclear war with Russia.

Russia, only about 500 miles or so from the Syrian boarder, is committed to fighting against jihadist terrorism and has been quite successful at squelching it in Syria since it mobilized directly against it nearly 2 years ago.


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