Three Reasons Why I’m Still Very, Very Glad Hillary Lost | Caitlin Johnstone

By Caitlin Johnstone

As The Independent’s Robert Fisk writes, “The West might hardly believe it, but it now seems the Syrian war is ending — and Assad is the victor.”

This alone makes Hillary Clinton’s loss a net positive. This is the woman who advocated setting up a no-fly zone in Syria just like she did in Libya, which became a failed state as a result. Her goal was regime change, and if she’d succeeded in shutting down pro-Assad air forces in Syria that’s exactly what would have happened. For all of Trump’s idiocy both foreign and domestic, he has been vastly more restrained in Syria than Clinton promised to be.Even as recently as April she was still saying that Trump needed to destroy the very air force that Syria is using to defeat ISIS, Al Nusra and the other violent jihadist factions who oppose the nation’s only legitimate government.

Had she won, Clinton would have created a much more disastrous version of Libya in a much more populous nation, causing unfathomable death, destruction and suffering in a nation she’d already done so many horrific things to as Secretary of State. This alonemakes her loss an overall beneficial thing for humanity.

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