Save The Alamo

Of all the things happening in Texas right now, add this to the list.

There could not be anything more nefarious in America or Texas than a politician tied to the Prescott Bush family and legacy (see also Presidents George H. & George W.).

When will Texans wake up? America seemed to awaken a bit in this regard in relation to nearly utterly rejecting the Jeb Bush Presidency in 2016, but now we are talking about his son, George P., who seeks to twist and turn the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas, into a “globaloney” multi-cultural center.

The Alamo is the remaining structure which was a former church mission site that became a battleground in 1836, during the Texas Revolution. A small group of less than 300 fighters were defending the site from the advancing imperial forces of Mexico led by Santa Anna. Nearly all the Texas fighters died in this battle. But the battle helped fuel the Texas army to win the overall war against the Mexican army nearly a month after the battle, ending the revolution and earning Texas its independence.

Nevertheless, the Bush family is large and very influential, and Texas is “Bush” country – most of the state esteems highly this family (most of the state is bankrupt of knowledge about any meaningful history).


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