Government Tied Private Industry Exploiting Hurricane Harvey At Any Opportunity

What did we expect in the wake of an unprecedented natural disaster known as Hurricane Harvey? 

Any myths of how Texas is a “better” place in terms of economic “purity” (purity meaning “capitalistic” or a “freer market”) than the rest of America should be dried up by now.

While many Texans are facing the greatest loss of property and assets they have seen ever, the Evangelical Christian Governor, Greg Abbott, works on behalf of the insurance industry to exploit the insured by making it easier for insurance companies to maintain the course of record profits while short changing those who have lost their assets due to forces of nature.

Many people are still away from their property and the gutless move by Governor Abbott demonstrates his commitment to corporatism and profits, not humans. He could veto or delay this bill. As an Evangelical politician, Abbott, enjoys the support of many right wing Christians who heavily populate the state and who also has been known to appear in church worship services to influence Christian parishioners along in his particular political ideology, one that looks to exploit and profit from those suffering.

Also, Jimmy Dore, produced this excellent (and nearly hilarious) video of MSNBC interviewing an Al Jazeera reporter, Ali Velshi, reporting just outside the Houston area, where the nation’s largest oil refinery exists that has been temporarily shut down.

As Dore explains, Velshi, has done his homework as a reporter and begins to expose on this interview that the oil refineries release toxins when they shut down and that, despite making huge profits for the oil and gas corporations, did very little to invest and develop the infrastructure to help curtail and address known climate change impact in the region.

MSNBC, as a mouthpiece for corporatism cut Velshi off twice in order to silence the valid concerns he was attempting to report – watch here:


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