The US Is Picking Fights Around The World, Not The Other Way Around

In the current order of the US Gov’t and the corporate media, which serves as its mouthpiece, the compromising demeanor of the other side(s) tends to be buried. The US wants to fight and dominate the world and it is not hesitating to “pick” fights and provoke.

So many Americans are deluded, first of all, that to be American means that we are on the “good” side and, secondly, habitually undergird that sense of optimism on a mythology rooted the in the past, primarily related to WW2 and the Korean War (without even holding knowledge of vital nuance related to those wars).

We are truly in an “unthinkable age” where China, North Korea and Russia all have nukes now. It is not at all like a time in WW2 or then Korean war, where we had atomic bombs and “they” didn’t.

Now, strong armies do not mean what they once did in the face of nuclear war or annihilation. Not even “first strike” means what most believe it means (if Americans consider these points at all).
What matters most is “launch” and not “first strike.” North Korea and Russia know this and indicate the fragile nature of our times. I’ve been listening closely to Russia for 3 years and they’ve been ignored.

Furthermore, North Korea, China and Russia have all acknowledged a certain military alliance with one another.

Americans may have once possessed that fragile sense in the Cold War era of the 1980’s, but certainly not now, and we no longer have just one nuclear armed foe.

The following, I picked up from Ben Norton’s Facebook post ( )   with the article he attached:

“For years, the DPRK has repeatedly said it would consider giving up its nukes if the US stopped threatening it — but of course corporate media outlets are too busy echoing the US government to mention that. 

It is the US that is threatening 25 million North Koreans (with extermination), not the other way around.”


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