Can You Face The Seething Hypocrisy Of Americans? The Funding & Arming Of Ukraine Who Partnered With Nazis To Kill 

With all the protests and counter protests against Nazis and white nationalism movements currently taking place during the last 2 weeks in the US, particularly among Christian leaders, one hears their message loud and clear: white nationalism and Nazi ideology is “evil.”

But for more than 3 years now, Americans, through their tax dollars, the CIA and US military have been enthusiastically supportive of Nazis who have already killed thousands. The US is still tolerating and supporting them in Ukraine.

If Nazis and white nationalism are so “evil” for Americans, then how can they be so “wonderful,” “right,” and “valued” (funding is value) in Ukraine?

Under the US President Obama, hardly anyone in America protested the US funding and weaponization of real Nazis in Ukraine when protests, riots and a coup were underway in 2014, even though our government leaders knew exactly what was developing.

Since that time, ultra-nationalists have become integrated into the new US installed Ukrainian government.

How “Nazi” are these Nazis? Well, they love and admire WW2 era Nazi sympathizers and leaders from Austria-Hungary, like Stepan Bandera (that’s him pictured on that banner below at a Ukranian Nazi march).

Active Nazi recruitment strategies were under way prior, and afterwards, to the Odessa Massacre of 2014. The Guardian reported more than 30 people died from this.

Recognizing the signs and symbols will help us understand the ideology. On the first emblem to your left (pictured below), there is the Ukrainian Azov Battalion badge who marched and then fought along side the EU/NATO/US supported paratroopers beginning in 2014. Notice how they incorporate the SS Division emblem and then place the Nazi Black Sun (which is Saturn) behind, while making it white.

Nazis don’t necessarily brandish their weapons and symbols with swastikas, but they will still draw directly from Hitler’s Third Reich because they believe they are tied to it.

In the below German made documentary, with English subtitles, you’ll begin to see how coordinated and strategic the rise of Nazis in today’s Ukraine actually was. The US, their politicians and US military, along with corporate media endorse and support this Nazi movement today. They are not doing anything to make it go away, but rather, while not shedding light on this, are actually helping it along.

There is also an intentional strategy underway to make Europe anti-Semitic and anti-Christian. This has been reported by individual Jews by widely ignored by the American corporate media, which is primarily owned and ran by about 500 Jewish men. Hollywood has also been utterly silent, again owned and run by Jews.

How is silence pertaining to US funding and weaponizing Nazis in Ukraine to be understood? What do these people gain from protesting Nazi and far-right nationalistic demonstrations and expression here in the US while dismissing it in Ukraine – but in Ukraine they have killed thousands already? 

The German made documentary below sheds light on how the Italian Ultra Nationalist group known as CasaPound was instrumental in recruiting Nazis for the Ukraine movement.

They even uncover how a Nazi recruiter and sympathizer, Gaston Besson, a veteran mercenary going all the way back to Yugoslav wars, helped lead recruitment for the Nazi Azov Battalion called “volunteers.” You can see his sympathizer videos on his own YouTube page (I’ll posted it here at the very bottom).

Nevertheless, let it be known, Americans might appear for the moment they detest Nazis and far-right nationalism, perhaps even feeling good for their recent outcry. But the evidence presents their disdain for integrity.

What is American exceptionalism again?

What is very odd is that in WW2, Nazi Germany had a very comfortable relationship with Sunni Islam. Then, after the war, through Operation Paperclip, the CIA helped to graft in thousands of Nazis into the US Defense department. Now, in the 21st Century, the US supports and weaponizes Sunni jihadists and Nazis around the world.


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