Watch “Iran FM Javad Zarif responds to a reporter’s question regarding Ballistic Missiles” on YouTube

Iran Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif, explains Iran’s reason for defensive ballistic missiles.

This is important context of which most Americans are utterly oblivious. Iran, during the Iran-Iraq war was showered with missiles carrying chemical agents from Iraq, incurring 50,000 casualties and more than 100,000 survivors who went on to suffer long term effects.

It was the US who supplied and weaponized Saddam Hussein of Iraq with these weapons during the 1980’s.

While Americans are worried about “evil” dictators around the world and independent nations such as Iran, too few Americans consider their own culpability.

In the 1950’s the US CIA implemented a coup, in partnership, with the UK, to overthrow the democratically elected Iranian government. Several British and American oil and gas corporations had projects in Iran but the government chose to make their own oil and gas public.


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