Linking Charlottesville to Assad – latest witch hunt of the US war lobby | Neil Clark

Assad is now the “Nazi?” Or, those who support him are? 

I cannot imagine anything more absurd. If you know your history, the Russians are long time adversaries of Nazis, losing several times more human lives to Nazi than the Jews, and, Hitler and the Nazis have always found a comfortable alliance with Sunni Islamic jihadists, the very people Assad and the Russians are fighting in Syria!
The US State, and the corporate media speaking for it, is counting on public delusion and ignorance.
Of course, most Americans have not only turned a blind eye to historic Nazi bloodshed from WW2, they’ve widely ignored their own government, politicians, diplomats and military support real Nazis for the past 3 years in Ukraine who have been killing thousands.

This is a true information war which will require Americans to wake up from their own contentment of the status quo:

From Neil Clark, writing for RT:
“We’d already seen Russia blamed for events in Charlottesville, now it was Russia’s ally Syria’s turn. Not to be outdone, Newsweek followed up with an article entitled, ‘Why do James Alex Fields and US Neo-Nazis Love Syria’s Bashar-al-Assad?
Again, the implication of the piece is that if you oppose the War Party’s line on Syria, then you’re an Adolf Hitler groupie. Don’t want to see the secular Syrian government toppled (and it replaced by al-Qaeda/ISIS)? Then you’re just like the KKK and those extremists in Charlottesville! Repeat after me (by orders of the NeoCon Thought Police): If you don’t want Assad toppled you must be a Nazi… If you don’t want Assad toppled you must be a Nazi…”
Read the full Neil Clark article at:


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