Identity & Terror: A Conversation with Douglas Murray | Sam Harris Podcast

The other day I blogged about a former US diplomat to Europe, Todd Huizinga, who gave a lecture about 8 months ago discussing the dangers of identity politics and political correctness being fueled from “the top” elites in our culture to drive the world towards global rule.

Today, I heard the podacst of anti-theist, Sam Harris, interview Associate Editor of the Spectator, Douglas Murray, concerning the dangers of identity politics we see playing out in the violent protests and riots we saw play out in the violent protests of Charlottesville and are still seeing in the aftermath. 

Harris, with a Jewish family background, admits having no fan fare for President Trump at all, but concedes, with Murray as to why Trump may have handled the Charlottesville protests the way he did.

Harris and Murray both employ wisdom and understanding to assess and explain the Nazi/white supremacist/white nationalist versus the Antifa/anti-Nazi/Black Lives Matter phenomenon taking root and shape in identity politics.

Harris points to importance of historical context and being able to “follow the plot,” in order to understand what “makes sense” politically or morally.

He says:

“Leave it to the Left to attack [Trump] in ways that make him look nuanced and judicious in the aftermath of this. It is unbelievable how bad the commentary has been…”

I highly recommend watching the Todd Huizinga video and the Sam Harris podacst so you can awaken to what is transpiring in our times.


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