Americans Should Demand Immediate Resignation of Rex Tillerson

Rex Tillerson, the 69th US Secretary of State, is a former CEO/top executive for Exxon-Mobil, a company birthed from the David Rockefeller, Standard Oil company.

His interests are not for American greatness or the welfare of citizens anywhere. His priority are profits through exploitation of natural resources that do not belong to him or the corporation he represents. Rockefeller was an ultra wealthy business leader with a nefarious background and publicly open goals to manipulate the world into global government.

These super wealthy men (even though Rockefeller is now dead) have amassed such great wealth, they can literally buy any person who shares their ideology or simply pay criminals, with no respect for laws or who possess drastically seered moral consciences, to implement (for profit) their global agenda.

Tillerson is a man so committed to this rich oil and gas company that he’s willing to subject entire nations to war to accomplish his goals. Not only that, his carelessness literally “fuels” nuclear war tensions, and contrary to what most Americans are being told and “feel,” nuclear tensions are worse than ever (and this is according to leading voices on the matter.)

We are in dangerous times due to dangerous people. In the following article, he speaks of the Taliban’s “legitmacy.” The Taliban is a Sunni Islamic Sharia Law religious society. America has had a long partnership with the Taliban, as far back as the 1970’s. America has zero business “establishing religion” of any kind. Not even President Trump has this right.

Pictured above is Afghanistan prior to the CIA relationship with the Taliban.

For several decades, the CIA has “judged” and determined Sunni Islamic religious societies are preferred over other type of societies, according to their own documents. As a result, the US has worked to establish religion, specifically Sunni Islam, through funding, weaponizing and training them in Afghanistan, Jordan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and more. This illegal behavior has included the active participation of thousands of US military personnel all helping to establish Sunni Islamic religion with the aid of US dollars and weaponry.

In 8 months time, Tillerson has picked fights with at least 4 other nations. A Secretary of State should only have 1 “fight picking” card per term. American and Tillerson “fight picking” is too trendy. So is their establishing of Islamic religion (the actual Constitutional verbiage found in the 1st Amendment – it says nothing about the “separation of church and state”).


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