Former US Diplomat To Europe Describes Elitist Strategy

Todd Huizinga, a former US diplomat, primarily based in Europe, wrote a book called, The New Temptation: Global Governance and the Crisis of Democracy in Europe.

He provided a lecture back in January of this year, summarizing the content of the book at his employer, Institute for the Study of Christianity and Politics at Calvin College, where he is a Senior Research Fellow.

That lecture can be seen in full in the video below. His experience and research give him a clear perspective of what has transpired in Europe and what is also occuring here in the US.

To be sure, as Huizinga concludes, the EU is no longer about “freedoms” or “democracy.” And, he asserts “truth” is required for freedom but both have and are diminishing in both Europe and America due to strategic, top-down, schemes from “the elites” which will result in tyranny. No surprise, but it is a wonder why we continue to finance billions to the EU while they are steadily plotting and building up tyranny for the masses once again.

The protests and riots of our day, along with US exported wars, are far from truth and will not result in expanded freedoms for anyone in this climate. They will result, however, in bloodshed, wars and tyranny as the “elite” continue to advance their goals for tyrannical utopian global rule.

While it will be no surprise, as well, for many to hear that “respect for objective truth in America has lost ground to an unwitting relativism,” it would be quite stunning for most to admit (starting at about the 30 minute mark):
“Without realizing it, many Americans have succumbed to a trickle down form of postmodernism, in which objective truth is no longer authoritative. Instead, truth is in the eyes of the beholder.

A standard definition describes ‘postmodernism’ as…’characterized by broad subjectivism or relativism, a suspicion of reason, and an acute sensitivity to the role of ideology in asserting and maintaining political and economic power.'”

Huizinga continues,

“This type of subversive relativism, the suspicion that truth is not really truth but simply the tool of the politically and economically powerful has seeped virtually into all areas of life.

It is the heart of identity politics, for example, and the heart of political correctness. Identity politics and political correctness are the two sides of the same postmodern coin. Political correctness, in my view, is nothing more, and nothing less, than the behavioral and linguistic code by which the elites, in the media, in the universities and so forth, force the populous to obey the dogmas of identity politics.

They both reject, political correctness and identity politics, reject the idea that there are any truth claim that can command greater allegiance than the feelings or opinions of any individual or group, especially if that group is deemed to be disadvantaged.”

Tyranny is coming. It will be no “joy ride.” The only antidote for our times is truth. It will require personal responsibility to grasp it. I have found, more and more, “Christians” are acting and serving as mouthpieces for the elite and their real goals. They need to wake up.

I highly recommend watching the full hour so that you can learn how many Americans are succumbing to nefarious forces of political correctness and identity politics in society, both in Europe and in America.

Watch the full lecture here:


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