The Joke Of The US’ Waged War On Islamic Jihad

More evidence of the complete sham of US “crackdown” of terrorism which is fueled by Sunni Islamic jihad.

This article sheds light on the type of Sunni Islamic teachers who support ISIS. These are the type of leaders that run around in total dictatorships, such as Qatar or Saudi Arabia, who seem quite able to “crack down” on “apostates” or government protestors but cannot seem to really “crack down” on jihadist teachers.

Remember, these are not even nations with “free speech.”All the while, countries like the US, UK form alliances with these very countries. The US even has at least two significant bases in Qatar, one of which is the forward headquarters of CENTCOM.

As this article points out, Hamid al-Ali, trains others Muslim preachers and he’s known for books such as, “Guiding people to the virtues of jihad, the climax of Islam.”

Al-Ali has been arrested in the past for his support of the founder of ISIS, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Yet, he’s a regular guest commentator on Qatar’s state news channel, al Jazeera.


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